Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Is Your Wardrobe Full of Clothes You Don't Wear?

Have you had a wardrobe clearout recently as I’ve just read an article that says in Britain, people are wasting a total of £30billion by keeping clothes in their wardrobes that they are too big to wear. The report says that the average home has a stack of £4,000 worth of clothes and that over a third of these are never worn.

I’ve written before about having a clothes clearout and if this is anything to go by then people definitely need to be getting rid of more. There are all kinds of ways to get rid of old clothing such as donating to charity shops, selling on eBay or doing a car boot. Whilst it is good to keep one pair of favourite jeans that are currently too small but have the goal to slim into them, keeping loads that you’ll never wear again is a waste.

You can read the news article for yourself here on The Sun website.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Next Summer Clothes Sale

It was the Next summer sale over the weekend and it is one of the biggest events on clothes shoppers calendars.  Next only ever have the big sale in the summer and in the New Year. It’s a 50% or more off sale as well so there are plenty of bargains to be had.

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Funny 'Mans Wardrobe' Image

Whilst on Pinterest the other day I was working my way through various categories (usually the humour one) and found this brilliant image entitled 'The Stages of a Man's Wardrobe'.

Have a look, funny huh?

Other the coming weeks I might have a look at each stage and give you a personal account of what my wardrobe was like/could be like at different stages.

Thursday, 12 July 2012

His and Her Wardrobe Space

If you live with your boyfriend/girlfriend/wife/husband then you most likely share a wardrobe space, unless of course your wife has a fancy walk in wardrobe all to herself. If a couple is sharing a wardrobe space then I wonder what the ratio of male space to female space is?

I’m betting that the female side is fuller with dresses, skirts, tops, jumpers, trousers, shorts, cardigans, sweaters etc. A male wardrobe usually contains t-shirts, jeans, suit, work clothes and a couple of jumpers.

So in an equal relationship, should each half of the couple have an equal space in the wardrobe? Or is it expected for the woman to have the majority of the space, say a 70 30 split?

What are your thoughts?

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Disney Wardrobe Facts

Did you know that Disney World has the largest wardrobe in the world? The park has many workers dressed as various Disney characters that walk around the park as well as performers in its street shows and the  various other parks. To celebrate this fact here are some facts, in image form.

For all those 2.5 million pieces of clothing I bet they’ll need a large sliding door from Doors Direct for their wardrobe!

Friday, 6 July 2012

Funny lolz

When thinking whether you need a sliding door wardrobe or a simple standard wardrobe, you may want to bear in mind this image lol

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Storage for the Bedroom

Finding places to store everything in your bedroom can be such a pain. Clothes, accessories, deodorants, towels, bedding, sports gear, bags, shoes are all common things that need storing within the bedroom. The standard bedroom furniture includes a chest of drawers, wardrobe and bed but you can maximise space and storage with a large sliding door wardrobe, utilising the room under your bed or by adding shelves on the walls. Here are some useful bedroom storage items from various outlets.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Great Storage Solution Tips

As you may have read my storage solutions have been solved but if you are finding yourself in a pickle with where to place things then maybe these helpful tips will come in handy. Some involve buying new items, some involve just be a bit more savvy with the space you have but all will help you in creating some storage space for all kinds of bits. While these are more tailored to the bedroom, they could be used in different rooms where you need more space.